The Center is excited to share its first publication.  The e-newsletter, the “Urban Child Messenger" is an online quarterly publication containing information on about the Center’s programs, upcoming events, and relevant news affecting urban children and their development.   Challenging the widely accepted view that urban children and their families are disadvantaged, underprivileged and limited, the newsletter highlights the resilience, perseverance, resourcefulness, and strength of urban children while writing about those factors that potentially impact their normal growth and development. 

The Advocate Issue 1 September 2016

The Advocate Issue 2 

December 2016

The Advocate Issue 3 

May 2017

The Advocate Issue 4 

July 2017

The Advocate Issue 7

Summer 2018

The Advocate Issue 5 

Fall 2017

The Advocate Issue 8

Summer 2018

The Advocate Issue 4

July 2017

The Advocate Issue 6 

Spring 2018

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