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VUU’s Center for the Study of the Urban Child was established to serve as a critically essential resource hub and informational clearinghouse for researchers, practitioners, and community stakeholders who desire to improve the quality of life for urban youth through advocacy, education, prevention and intervention programming and are committed to the well-being, advocacy, and education of the urban child in the very heart of metropolitan Richmond, Virginia.  


The Center assumes a multidisciplinary approach that builds a collaborative partnership between faculty who represent diverse academic disciplines, community residents, community professionals, and urban policy makers who have a vested interest in promoting the advancement, development, and success of the urban child via child-centered advocacy, research, evidence based practices, information sharing and dissemination. Our vision is to empower practitioners, families and policy makers to create relevant and healthy environments for the urban child.   


The Center seeks to address the urban child developmental barriers by adopting a multidisciplinary approach that holistically emphasizes resilient urban child growth, impactful governing policies, and systemic beliefs about the urban community and the children who reside in it.

The Center’s mission is to translate research into actionable knowledge by adopting a multidisciplinary academic approach, conducting and disseminating scholarly research, articulating best practices, and lobbying community input as it relates to the developing child living in the urban environment.

An ecological approach provides a comprehensive and holistic understanding how the urban environment and child development interact with one another.  To that end, It is important that the Center use the expertise of multiple disciplines to collaboratively identify and understand the impact of urbanicity (Allen, 1974) on the developing child.  

  • Education

  • Psychology

  • Social work

  • Urban studies  

  • Justice 

To ensure the success of the urban child, the Center welcomes collaboration, seeks support and encourages greater involvement with relevant stakeholders that include the greater community & civic groups, public and private agencies, professional organizations, business groups, volunteer programs, and churches.   

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